Saturday, January 19, 2008

Recent Lodge 558 Ahoalan-Nachpikin Issues

Ahoalan-Nachpikin NCLS Flap S-45

I know little of the flap other than what I was told and what I have observed. From a collecting stand point this is going to be a difficult issue to obtain from the lodge. This lodge has a history of low run issues but this is out of the normal even for this lodge. They must of had a small contingent that went to this event. Believe it or not this lodge has had several issues with 100 or less made in their past. I suppose what makes it so shocking to me is the small number of them. There were 50 flaps made. If you ever find this patch on Ebay for less than $100.00 consider yourself lucky.

Ahoalan-Nachpikin LOAC XII Flap eS2008-1

The latest in LOAC flaps from the lodge. The flap was described in their lodge history as "Frozen version of the standard flap. Icebergs in background. First use of the BSA security backing. FDL 300 units made. 128x57mm. Rd Bdr, Pb"

Security Seal Mentioned Above

Speaking of number made...300 is pretty typical for this lodge. As a collector, I know its hard to lay off of new issues when they first appear on Ebay but I really recommend it to some of the collectors out there. This LOAC XII flap went for $61.00 on its first appearance on Ebay. Someone had a LOAC II flap at the same time out there (400 made) and went under $30.00. Believe me the LOAC II flap is a far better deal. Why? Because you could easily trade a LOAC II flap to someone in the lodge for the new LOAC XII flap...its what I did. Of course, if you don't mind spending that kind of money on a new all means. :) Even if I didn't trade for one of these flaps I still wouldn't have paid more than $25.00 for it. While 300 does not sound like a lot of will be surprised how many of them will float around for the next few years.

Lodge 558 Ahoalan-Nachpikin A-1

First appearance of an arrowhead issue for the lodge. Apparently, there was some debate on what to call it. I believe it was first issued at a fall fellowship. I thought it was a fellowship patch at first. Anyhow, the wise sages for the lodge labeled it an arrowhead and it certainly shaped like one. The lodge refers to the patch as The Lodge Stamp, "Used as logo or brand for 2007. Concept by Patrick Howie. 300 made, hang loop, 134x70mm, CE, Pb."

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Steve Z said...

I just happen across your blog and saw the Ahoalan-Nachpikin (We Who Love the Outdoors) flap. I was there when we decided on that name and the Grizzly Bear... ahh the memories. Thanks for rekindling them.

Steve Z
Vigil Honor Member