Saturday, January 5, 2008

UPDATE: *** Winner *** Black Eagle Lodge 2006 NOAC Flap.

Black Eagle Flap S-33 2006 NOAC

Ebay Auction

Can't say I didn't warn my fellow Black Eagle Lodge Collectors. I won the auction on Ebay. I suppose the only one laughing in the end is the Ebay Seller who was selling the patch. I won the auction for a whopping $140.95. The only patches I paid more from Black Eagle were the F-1, F-2, R-1, R-2, and the YS-6 (45th Ann Blue Prototype). Considering the rarity of the some of the items that I have I feel extremely fortunate to have made friends from new and old members who generously donated, traded and sold their patches to me at affordable prices. In case your wondering my high bid for this patch was $182.50. I refuse to pay anymore than that because I only paid $250 and $200 each for the Black Eagle R-1 and R-2 rounds.

I can honestly say that the Lodge Chief flap on Ebay is a far rarer patch than the 2006 NOAC flap. Doesn't get any harder than becoming a lodge chief to get a I right? I am interested to see if it was the NOAC collectors that pushed this auction so high or the Black Eagle Collectors. I will find out soon enough when the Lodge Chief Flap ends. At least I have one of those already. *whew!*

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