Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Old..But New Black Eagle Camp Staff Flap on Ebay

Black Eagle Flap Camp Staff Flap 2005?

Ebay Auction

This is the first time I am seeing this flap. I know..its bad. I claim to be a Black Eagle expert and not even sure what it is I am looking at... *Blink*. Well, hopefully my information will be more up to date as I am finally in contact with the Trading Post Manager for the lodge. I knew there was a 2005 and 2006 staff flap but it took almost 3 years to finally at least see a picture of both.

Recent Camp Staff Flap on Ebay:

EBAY AUCTION Black Eagle Lodge 2005 Camp Staff Flap?

Its a pretty simple design. Reminds of the 2004 camp staff flap with the tent design. It has the OA Arrow symbol on it. The lack of a lodge number is a huge one. Not a big fan of the number not being on the flap. It is also strange that the camp names are more pronounced than the lodge name. The scan on Ebay isn't the best but I can't make out a Fdl or a BSA on the flap.

I have no idea how much this will go for. Oddly, the Lodge Chief Flap auction ended on a flat note:

Previous Entry on Lodge Chief Flap

The end price was only $46.00 for a flap that requires you to be a Lodge Chief from Black Eagle to receive one. If that wasn't insulting enough it also had a Transatlantic Volksmarch Medal and an Intercamp Patch from 1994. If your an Overseas collector that was a bargain. The lodge chief auction was not marked very well but could still be easily found if you collected Black Eagle items. Its hard to picture this auction going for more than the Lodge Chief Flap auction...but no one said people were sane.

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