Monday, January 7, 2008

Transatlantic Red & Whites Reborn

I wonder if these CSP's have been cataloged. I do not know since I didn't get around to buying the last CSP book. Recent debate and discussions about Red & Whites made me think about this 12 Piece Friends of Scouting (FOS) set. Few have this set. I know I don't. It is awarded to folks who donated $500 dollars to the Transatlantic Council. Its a good deal since you get 12 issues and they will probably be even more rare then the original Red & White Denmark and England because so few will own the set and at least these are 100% real. The only way to get this set is to donate $500 dollars. Different FOS strips are given for the $100 donations which changes every year using a different part of the Scout Law.

DID YOU KNOW? The reason the original Red & White Denmark is so hard to find today is that there was only 1 Troop in Denmark and it only had 7 youth members. The troop only existed a couple years before being discontinued or it ended up being absorbed into what was called the Direct Service District thus probably ending any further need of Denmark Red & White Strips.

To tease a fellow will notice the lack of an England strip in this collection too... ;)

(Click on Picture for Larger Scan if Available)

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