Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ethical Patch Distribution

An interesting discussions on Patch-L about ethical patch distribution.

Personally, I do not feel that someone buying a patch or item that they did not earn lessons anyone's accomplishment. That is just crazy in my opinion. Everyone has an opinion on the subject. I have been collecting patches at least 15 years now. I can't believe its been that long btw.

I love trading patches. When I was in Black Eagle.... a flap cost $3.00. I would trade mine for yours straight up. It is not rocket science. If a patch cost $10.00 I might trade for something a little more exciting. What did that mean...in the words of my younger self..."Does it look cool!" I was NOT asking you if there was only 25 made and was it restricted and etc. I always thought the more the merrier. The more folks that are out there trading the more fun it is. I also couldn't stand folks that horde patches. Hoping for some future gain like it was stock. The other thing that really upset me was greedy traders. You would post a message to trade 1:1 and you get emails inquiring...can I have five of this and that. Since when are youth loaded with that kind of time and cash to waste on patches.

Yes, I am trader but there is rarely a time when I had more than 5 of any issue...why?...because I could not stop trading... All I did at the 1997 Jambo beyond the required troop activities was patch trade. That is all I wanted to do...and it was the most memorable and amazing experience of my scouting career and I have been buried waste deep in snow in front of frozen waterfalls at a Klondike in Switzerland. Patch Trading is just that awesome but is becoming an elitist game. Your only as valuable to the collecting community as your most recent issue. Sad...is it not.

I collect only a few lodges but it seems like every time a new issues appears you have to bid in triple digits on Ebay to stand any chance of winning. That is not my idea of fun. Whatever happened to mine for yours. Its like no one trades unless it is their favor. What happened to being kind and making new friends. Its all about...what you can do for me now attitude. Lets not think about tomorrow when that person might be able to help you again in return.

...and don't get me started on the new Blue Book. Changing the way patches are cataloged easily benefits one group without thinking...dealers and sellers and lets not think too hard about who is now in control of said book....just food for thought folks. It is almost a conflict of interest IMO.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Black Eagle Lodge NOAC 2009 Patches

Black Eagle Flap S-38 2009 NOAC Trader

I have been told by a member of the lodge that they sold this flap before NOAC as a fundraiser. It was traded to many at NOAC which should of been an indication of a high run issue. Some on Ebay claim there were only 100 made but I have feeling by the frequency of its appearance that at least 200 were produced. If only 100 were produced and it was sold Pre-NOAC as a fundraiser there wouldn't have been a whole lot left to trade to back up the number that appeared on Ebay (4 as of 8/14/09). Only 2 flaps from 2006 NOAC appeared on ebay in comparisson at the end of NOAC. Another reason why I favor more than 100 flaps for this NOAC Trader is because there is a delegate flap this year.

There was also a delegate flap. I am told it looks the same as the trader except the red lettering is ghosted. Rumor has it the flap was limited to 2 per delegate. It is quite possible few left the hands of the delegates. I can't be sure of course but I am going to guess at least 25 made but no more than 50.

What really has shocked me is the lack of other Black Eagle issues surfacing. If I was going to NOAC I would of done more than just trade my former members on current NOAC issues. Of course, the lack of their appearance is quite possibly a sign that Black Eagle does not have any real patch traders left in it...meaning that no one really brought anything else with them.

Another possible reason for the lack of other issues surfacing is Black Eagle seems to have a new trend of not only low-run restrictive issues but also seems to be limiting their distribution to those that attended said events. Which has me wondering....what happens to the leftovers.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ISCA - Financial / Membership‏ Issue - RANT

Here is my thought...dump the hard copy. It is honestly not needed. The money would be better spent on a online forum/website. I don't even read the whole mag. I mainly read over the new issues and the OA Section. The last 20 to 25% is nothing but ads anyway.

Online would be cheaper, simpler to maintain, and think about this....instead of quarterly updates you could have instant updates to the point of daily posts/articles and blogs. Regular people could post and share their ideas more freely. You would be able to access the site world wide without the need of carrying piles of paper.

Sorry, but you can't say all the life members haven't gotten their $$$$ worth. All I know is if you raise those dues I am not renewing...why? It just not worth it. I assure everyone I am not interested in paying for a hard copy for multiple people. Tattoo "sucker" on someone else's forehead.

The life members got their money's worth. If they want a hard copy sooo bad make dip into their pockets to save it too. Offer them a 55% discount on yearly membership. That should at least slow the down the bleeding....but honestly this is a digital world. Its time to go online and become digital.

No kid born today will know what a turn table is or a what phone booth is outside of a history book or an old film. You don't think the paper is going to the way of the dinosaur? Waldenbooks just went down...think of the number of people that read news on the computer and iPhone...

Lets face it...ISCA has not exactly been very good with sending reminders for renewals. Its been up to the member to remember and a lot members don't even realize it until they miss an issue, which of course we don't get unless we pay even more. That is also ISCA fault for not having a universal renew date...could of simply prorated memberships until the renewal dates aligned...but no. Some would of paid more some less...but at least we would of all been on the same page....Not even a friendly renewal slip dropped in the package...

Non-lifers pay 45% more to save hard copy??? Sorry, where did you guys get your business degrees from again?

Make the lifers pay the 45% they are still getting the better end of the deal. Alienate your main source of income...I double dare you.

SIGNED ISCA Member #0913

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Deals Keep Coming??

OA Lodge 440 Chinchewunska Flap

Auction from Ebay -> BSA OA FLAP #440 Chinchewunska Lodge VERY RARE

Can lightning strike in the same place twice? I had a hard time finding a flap from this lodge for under $100 mint for my own collection. I do not think I have seen one go this cheap before? Anyhow, the starting bid was $40.00 with a BIN (Buy It Now) for $50.00.

As stated from the Auction: "This Chinchewinska Lodge #440 was merged with Lodge 37 back in the 1970's and is very rare.The flap was from Hudson Hamilton Council in New Jersey. The flap is in mint condition."

Click Here for Ebay Auction 440 Flap

I just hope the Seller's description of this item is better than his spelling of the lodge name....other than that its appears to be a good deal. Not as great as the one from two weeks ago but surely should make a decent dupe.

After my recent strings of lucky finds with BIN auctions I think I will to pay more attention to them first when searching on Ebay. Granted only 4 people saw this auction before me...yet none of them seemed that interested in purchasing it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Christmas in July? Still a few good deals left on Ebay...

Chief Shabbona T-1

OA Lodge 120 Chief Shabbona A-1

Auction from Ebay -> Vintage Boy Scout Patches Cards Medal-1940-1960

Really... I think I finally know what Christmas in July feels like. The Chief Shabbona CSP and Arrowhead were both on Ebay. What makes that so unique you might ask?... Well, these two patches and about 50 more were in a one lot and the starting bid was $49.00 bucks with a Buy It Now of $99.00 dollars. Yeah, I know $99.00... Believe me, I am still stunned over that myself. The Chief Shabbona CSP was surprisingly in Mint Condition. The Chief Shabbona arrowhead appears to have been sewn; however, is stiff with some box soiling on it but those two patches are only the beginning of this lot. There is some Region patches, National Jambo patches, a few old camp patches, some rank patches and even a pin for crying out loud!. If you really want to see everything that was in this lot then visit below:

Click Here for Ebay Auction Lot of Old Patches

Sample of Some Patches From the Auction

Its nice to hit a good deal like this. I thought getting an Amangi Mos flap back on Yahoo Auctions in the day for about $25 bucks was a steal but this was just on another whole level.

What has me really puzzled is SIX people actually viewed this auction before I did. Why none of them chose to purchase this lot of goodies is beyond me...

Needless to say I am extremely pleased with this purchase... Right Place..Right Time!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Another Black Eagle Lodge Patch Emerges...

Black Eagle Lodge #482 2006 LLD Activity Round Patch

John's Back~! - another unknown Black Eagle Lodge patch...at least to those not living overseas. John also mentioned there is another LLD patch for the 2007 event but does not currently have one in order to provide me with a scan yet.

I haven't officially given this patch a classification yet; however, based off my past experiences with the lodge the training events are typically at the very beginning of the year. This patch will likely end up becoming the eR2006-1.

More information on Black Eagle patches as I hear about them.

Below is a picture preview of the mystery Black Eagle item last mentioned in my blog.

Black Eagle Lodge #482 1971 Flecha Roja Slide

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Flap from Black Eagle Lodge #482

Black Eagle Lodge #482 John Watsek Memorial Flap

At last, some news from the home lodge. John Woughter contacted and filled me in on a few things.

The below is in reference of the above flap...

"It was given to each participant in the 2007 Spring Fellowship at Camp Freedom. About 100 ordeal candidates (myself included, as an adult) participated, with a similar number of Scouts and Scouters who were already OA members. I don't know if there were extras that were then sold.

Notice the embroidered JW just above the WWW ... that stands for John Watsek, who as I'm sure you know was Lodge Chief and killed in an accident in March, 2007. Notice also the misspelled LDDGE (2 D's) ... that error was noticed when the patches and OA handbooks were being handed out and I believe they all have the misspelling (I'd be curious if there were any that were spelled correctly ... they would likely be are.)"

As you may have noticed no classification has been issued to the patch yet. I have yet to determine if the lodge considers this a fellowship patch or a lodge issue.

John Woughter has also informed me that the new Chapter Wa-Sha-She, which replaced Nacha Chuppecat, put out their first chapter flap. Unfortunately, I do not have a picture to show everyone of the flap yet. John said he would try to get a scan of the flap and all other new issues he gets a hold of.

Thats all for now. Speaking of new discoveries. How about an "old" but "new" discovery. A couple months back on Ebay a couple of Flecha Roja neckerchiefs slides were put up on Ebay...but I will save that for another day.