Monday, July 14, 2008

Christmas in July? Still a few good deals left on Ebay...

Chief Shabbona T-1

OA Lodge 120 Chief Shabbona A-1

Auction from Ebay -> Vintage Boy Scout Patches Cards Medal-1940-1960

Really... I think I finally know what Christmas in July feels like. The Chief Shabbona CSP and Arrowhead were both on Ebay. What makes that so unique you might ask?... Well, these two patches and about 50 more were in a one lot and the starting bid was $49.00 bucks with a Buy It Now of $99.00 dollars. Yeah, I know $99.00... Believe me, I am still stunned over that myself. The Chief Shabbona CSP was surprisingly in Mint Condition. The Chief Shabbona arrowhead appears to have been sewn; however, is stiff with some box soiling on it but those two patches are only the beginning of this lot. There is some Region patches, National Jambo patches, a few old camp patches, some rank patches and even a pin for crying out loud!. If you really want to see everything that was in this lot then visit below:

Click Here for Ebay Auction Lot of Old Patches

Sample of Some Patches From the Auction

Its nice to hit a good deal like this. I thought getting an Amangi Mos flap back on Yahoo Auctions in the day for about $25 bucks was a steal but this was just on another whole level.

What has me really puzzled is SIX people actually viewed this auction before I did. Why none of them chose to purchase this lot of goodies is beyond me...

Needless to say I am extremely pleased with this purchase... Right Place..Right Time!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe none of the six knew what these "boring old patches" were. They were probably disappointed at the lack of multi-colored limited edition modern mechandise in this lot.

You got a steal!