Friday, July 25, 2008

The Deals Keep Coming??

OA Lodge 440 Chinchewunska Flap

Auction from Ebay -> BSA OA FLAP #440 Chinchewunska Lodge VERY RARE

Can lightning strike in the same place twice? I had a hard time finding a flap from this lodge for under $100 mint for my own collection. I do not think I have seen one go this cheap before? Anyhow, the starting bid was $40.00 with a BIN (Buy It Now) for $50.00.

As stated from the Auction: "This Chinchewinska Lodge #440 was merged with Lodge 37 back in the 1970's and is very rare.The flap was from Hudson Hamilton Council in New Jersey. The flap is in mint condition."

Click Here for Ebay Auction 440 Flap

I just hope the Seller's description of this item is better than his spelling of the lodge name....other than that its appears to be a good deal. Not as great as the one from two weeks ago but surely should make a decent dupe.

After my recent strings of lucky finds with BIN auctions I think I will to pay more attention to them first when searching on Ebay. Granted only 4 people saw this auction before me...yet none of them seemed that interested in purchasing it.

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