Saturday, January 19, 2008

Recent Lodge 558 Ahoalan-Nachpikin Issues

Ahoalan-Nachpikin NCLS Flap S-45

I know little of the flap other than what I was told and what I have observed. From a collecting stand point this is going to be a difficult issue to obtain from the lodge. This lodge has a history of low run issues but this is out of the normal even for this lodge. They must of had a small contingent that went to this event. Believe it or not this lodge has had several issues with 100 or less made in their past. I suppose what makes it so shocking to me is the small number of them. There were 50 flaps made. If you ever find this patch on Ebay for less than $100.00 consider yourself lucky.

Ahoalan-Nachpikin LOAC XII Flap eS2008-1

The latest in LOAC flaps from the lodge. The flap was described in their lodge history as "Frozen version of the standard flap. Icebergs in background. First use of the BSA security backing. FDL 300 units made. 128x57mm. Rd Bdr, Pb"

Security Seal Mentioned Above

Speaking of number made...300 is pretty typical for this lodge. As a collector, I know its hard to lay off of new issues when they first appear on Ebay but I really recommend it to some of the collectors out there. This LOAC XII flap went for $61.00 on its first appearance on Ebay. Someone had a LOAC II flap at the same time out there (400 made) and went under $30.00. Believe me the LOAC II flap is a far better deal. Why? Because you could easily trade a LOAC II flap to someone in the lodge for the new LOAC XII flap...its what I did. Of course, if you don't mind spending that kind of money on a new all means. :) Even if I didn't trade for one of these flaps I still wouldn't have paid more than $25.00 for it. While 300 does not sound like a lot of will be surprised how many of them will float around for the next few years.

Lodge 558 Ahoalan-Nachpikin A-1

First appearance of an arrowhead issue for the lodge. Apparently, there was some debate on what to call it. I believe it was first issued at a fall fellowship. I thought it was a fellowship patch at first. Anyhow, the wise sages for the lodge labeled it an arrowhead and it certainly shaped like one. The lodge refers to the patch as The Lodge Stamp, "Used as logo or brand for 2007. Concept by Patrick Howie. 300 made, hang loop, 134x70mm, CE, Pb."

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Old..But New Black Eagle Camp Staff Flap on Ebay

Black Eagle Flap Camp Staff Flap 2005?

Ebay Auction

This is the first time I am seeing this flap. I know..its bad. I claim to be a Black Eagle expert and not even sure what it is I am looking at... *Blink*. Well, hopefully my information will be more up to date as I am finally in contact with the Trading Post Manager for the lodge. I knew there was a 2005 and 2006 staff flap but it took almost 3 years to finally at least see a picture of both.

Recent Camp Staff Flap on Ebay:

EBAY AUCTION Black Eagle Lodge 2005 Camp Staff Flap?

Its a pretty simple design. Reminds of the 2004 camp staff flap with the tent design. It has the OA Arrow symbol on it. The lack of a lodge number is a huge one. Not a big fan of the number not being on the flap. It is also strange that the camp names are more pronounced than the lodge name. The scan on Ebay isn't the best but I can't make out a Fdl or a BSA on the flap.

I have no idea how much this will go for. Oddly, the Lodge Chief Flap auction ended on a flat note:

Previous Entry on Lodge Chief Flap

The end price was only $46.00 for a flap that requires you to be a Lodge Chief from Black Eagle to receive one. If that wasn't insulting enough it also had a Transatlantic Volksmarch Medal and an Intercamp Patch from 1994. If your an Overseas collector that was a bargain. The lodge chief auction was not marked very well but could still be easily found if you collected Black Eagle items. Its hard to picture this auction going for more than the Lodge Chief Flap auction...but no one said people were sane.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Moswetuset Lodge #052 Flap Patch

New Moswetuset Lodge #052 Flap (07 Scouting Hall of Fame)

Ebay Auction

A lot of patches are first discovered on Ebay these days. This was the first time I saw this specific Moswetuset Flap. A few other 07 Scouting Hall of Fame flaps appeared months ago but not this specific issue.

The Ebay Seller said very little about the patch. "Moswetuset Lodge flap from the 2007 New England Scouting Hall of Fame dinner. Very limited. Mint condition." The seller listed the patch 1 or 2 more times. He even dropped the price $5.00 but no one else bought one. I thought that was a horrible showing on any fellow collectors for this lodge. Who could be a while before you get another chance to buy one. Either no one else noticed...or no one else cared. I figure it is time to change that.

I think Moswetuset Lodge patches are very collectible. They have unique designs and have a certain unique look that has attracted my attention. Apparently, there is not a lot of folks collecting these patches. I know there are a couple but the exposure on their patches isn't as wide spread as some of the other lodges I collect. This is the main reason I decided to publish information about their patches when I can get my hands on it.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Parting Gift from Canadian Scouts in Europe

I really do not know much about the neckerchief. All I know is my father gave several patches to some Canadian Scouts while they were still stationed in Europe before withdrawing home. In return the scouts gave my father this neckerchief. I post it here because I thought it was a nice piece as someone went to a little effort to make the neckerchief.

(Click on Picture for Larger Scan if Available)

Monday, January 7, 2008

Transatlantic Red & Whites Reborn

I wonder if these CSP's have been cataloged. I do not know since I didn't get around to buying the last CSP book. Recent debate and discussions about Red & Whites made me think about this 12 Piece Friends of Scouting (FOS) set. Few have this set. I know I don't. It is awarded to folks who donated $500 dollars to the Transatlantic Council. Its a good deal since you get 12 issues and they will probably be even more rare then the original Red & White Denmark and England because so few will own the set and at least these are 100% real. The only way to get this set is to donate $500 dollars. Different FOS strips are given for the $100 donations which changes every year using a different part of the Scout Law.

DID YOU KNOW? The reason the original Red & White Denmark is so hard to find today is that there was only 1 Troop in Denmark and it only had 7 youth members. The troop only existed a couple years before being discontinued or it ended up being absorbed into what was called the Direct Service District thus probably ending any further need of Denmark Red & White Strips.

To tease a fellow will notice the lack of an England strip in this collection too... ;)

(Click on Picture for Larger Scan if Available)

Why is there no Black Eagle Fellowship Patches for 1990?

Why is there no fellowship patches? Al Opstal took the time a while back to explain. While this may not be a mystery to some Black Eagle Collectors, I do believe that is something not widely spread. If you weren't at the lodge around this time period you probably don't know this.

Al reports...

"The BEL LEC decided to ceate a large patch as a fellowship patch for the 1990 Fellowships. The patch is classified as a backpatch [J-2 BB] but is really a fellowship patch for 1990 (See Attached Below).

It was only issued in 1990 for that specific year. Everyone could buy the patch, but if you went to the fellowships you'd get pin for each event.

The objective was to place the pin on the patch to indicate you had participated in the event. It is no coincidence that the images on the pins matches those on the patch."

(Click on Picture for Larger Scan if Available)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

UPDATE: *** Winner *** Black Eagle Lodge 2006 NOAC Flap.

Black Eagle Flap S-33 2006 NOAC

Ebay Auction

Can't say I didn't warn my fellow Black Eagle Lodge Collectors. I won the auction on Ebay. I suppose the only one laughing in the end is the Ebay Seller who was selling the patch. I won the auction for a whopping $140.95. The only patches I paid more from Black Eagle were the F-1, F-2, R-1, R-2, and the YS-6 (45th Ann Blue Prototype). Considering the rarity of the some of the items that I have I feel extremely fortunate to have made friends from new and old members who generously donated, traded and sold their patches to me at affordable prices. In case your wondering my high bid for this patch was $182.50. I refuse to pay anymore than that because I only paid $250 and $200 each for the Black Eagle R-1 and R-2 rounds.

I can honestly say that the Lodge Chief flap on Ebay is a far rarer patch than the 2006 NOAC flap. Doesn't get any harder than becoming a lodge chief to get a I right? I am interested to see if it was the NOAC collectors that pushed this auction so high or the Black Eagle Collectors. I will find out soon enough when the Lodge Chief Flap ends. At least I have one of those already. *whew!*

Friday, January 4, 2008

ITS A FAKE!!! Transatlantic England R&W

Transatlantic England Red & White Sold on Ebay Recently

Ebay Auction

John Shaw Reports

"I recently picked up a TAC England patch on that auction site that was a newly made item. I used paypal and the AMEX card as I was a little nevrous to send such big money. I confronted the seller who started the refund process before I sent the patch back. I want to stop this seller even though I got my money back. Any one know a legal authority in Seattle or the State of Washington I can pursue this transaction with? Is it worth my time to stop this guy. I think he (Fernando Turin) may use other sales id's ichimac, turinartola. Any other information is helpful if this moves forward."

Transatlantic England Red & White (Real)

What is so disturbing about this auction on Ebay is the seller clearly tried to fool potential buyers (at least that is the impression I got). The recent ISCA Journal that came in the mail describes that patch as solid based patch.

Here is the sellers exact words describing the patch.

"I got this patch several weeks ago, I found it in my grandfather's house while it was being vacated to be sold. The only information that I have about this patch, is that it belongs to the American Boy Scout unit stationed in Heyford England."

Here is the auction if you want to see it. (Click Below).

EBAY AUCTION Fake Transatlantic England

I hope the buyer gets his money back. What most collectors do not realize is...that the Transatlantic England Red & White strip has no paperwork or reference that the council ever ordered a Transatlantic England Red & White. Its purely been spread by collectors. While lack of proof doesn't mean its fake it is odd how I have the first order form reference from the Transatlantic Trail Newspaper when the Council first switched from community strips to the Red & Whites it does not list England as an option. It has Great Britain on the order form.

Here is article from the Fall 1957 Transatlantic Trail:

"The Executive Board of the Transatlantic Council has approved the wearing of the Local Council Shoulder Insignia by the entire council membership in place of the community strips.

The Council Strip (Cat.#157) contains the name of our council and the country in which your unit is located. Council Strips are now available for Italy, Libya, Spain, France, Germany, Morocco, Great Britain, Austria, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and Denmark. They may be ordered in any quantity at 15¢ each for immediate shipment from the Council Office."

Who knows for sure. An England may have been created later along with the Crete, Cyprus, Ethiopia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Moscow, Poland, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Sweden, Turkey, Switzerland, and Yugoslavia. My theory if one was ever made and issued it was made at the same time as the Scotland and Ireland one but those two strips appear to be a dime a dozen while a country as large as England is virtually unseen. It so odd its almost fishy.

At least you can be sure the Denmark is real...Yay! If your going to spend big money for Denmark and England I would go with the Denmark one first. At least there is a reference to it.