Monday, January 7, 2008

Why is there no Black Eagle Fellowship Patches for 1990?

Why is there no fellowship patches? Al Opstal took the time a while back to explain. While this may not be a mystery to some Black Eagle Collectors, I do believe that is something not widely spread. If you weren't at the lodge around this time period you probably don't know this.

Al reports...

"The BEL LEC decided to ceate a large patch as a fellowship patch for the 1990 Fellowships. The patch is classified as a backpatch [J-2 BB] but is really a fellowship patch for 1990 (See Attached Below).

It was only issued in 1990 for that specific year. Everyone could buy the patch, but if you went to the fellowships you'd get pin for each event.

The objective was to place the pin on the patch to indicate you had participated in the event. It is no coincidence that the images on the pins matches those on the patch."

(Click on Picture for Larger Scan if Available)

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