Tuesday, March 3, 2009

ISCA - Financial / Membership‏ Issue - RANT

Here is my thought...dump the hard copy. It is honestly not needed. The money would be better spent on a online forum/website. I don't even read the whole mag. I mainly read over the new issues and the OA Section. The last 20 to 25% is nothing but ads anyway.

Online would be cheaper, simpler to maintain, and think about this....instead of quarterly updates you could have instant updates to the point of daily posts/articles and blogs. Regular people could post and share their ideas more freely. You would be able to access the site world wide without the need of carrying piles of paper.

Sorry, but you can't say all the life members haven't gotten their $$$$ worth. All I know is if you raise those dues I am not renewing...why? It just not worth it. I assure everyone I am not interested in paying for a hard copy for multiple people. Tattoo "sucker" on someone else's forehead.

The life members got their money's worth. If they want a hard copy sooo bad make dip into their pockets to save it too. Offer them a 55% discount on yearly membership. That should at least slow the down the bleeding....but honestly this is a digital world. Its time to go online and become digital.

No kid born today will know what a turn table is or a what phone booth is outside of a history book or an old film. You don't think the paper is going to the way of the dinosaur? Waldenbooks just went down...think of the number of people that read news on the computer and iPhone...

Lets face it...ISCA has not exactly been very good with sending reminders for renewals. Its been up to the member to remember and a lot members don't even realize it until they miss an issue, which of course we don't get unless we pay even more. That is also ISCA fault for not having a universal renew date...could of simply prorated memberships until the renewal dates aligned...but no. Some would of paid more some less...but at least we would of all been on the same page....Not even a friendly renewal slip dropped in the package...

Non-lifers pay 45% more to save hard copy??? Sorry, where did you guys get your business degrees from again?

Make the lifers pay the 45% they are still getting the better end of the deal. Alienate your main source of income...I double dare you.

SIGNED ISCA Member #0913

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