Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Should Patch Sellers Be Role Models of the Hobby?

Auction from both TSPA (406) and Streamwood (339)

Auction from both TSPA (406) and Streamwood (339)

Ebay Hall of Shame

I really do not like to do things like this but I have really had it. Seriously, who do these sellers think they are and why anyone would look up to these folks and call them leaders of the hobby has me thinking...Are you serious? What is so sad about this is they do a lot of big things for the hobby but seem to forget the little things are just as important.

Recent Auctions on Ebay:

EBAY AUCTION Chickasah 406 Flap From TSPA

I have had issues with TSPA for quite some time. In fact, I was banned from bidding on their auctions years ago. I won several auctions with them in a 36 hour period and combined the total costs and with the correct shipping all on one money order and they said I didn't pay for half of the patches. I sent them a scan of my money order with the break down and did eventually receive my patches. What made the experience so horrible is they tried to make it seem like it was all my fault. I left them negative feedback for their lack of common sense and haven't been able to bid on their auctions since. I was upset by this at first and then realized TSPA isn't the only seller in the world to obtain rare patches. The above patch was won by my father and while he may not care as much about the writing on the back as I do...its still wrong and its not the first time TSPA has done this. The lodge 46 Eriez flap in my collection was also purchased from them with nice a gluey substance on the back of it...also omitted from the listing.

Reality Check: Dear TSPA,

As a bidder, I assume all patches are MINT unless otherwise noted. Mint means to me as "New right off the loom". Patches in pristine condition are important to your buyers. As a trader, I can not trade these patches without disclosing the full condition of the patch and this will lesson its desire by another trader. As a collector, I wouldn't not want a patch written all over it in my collection. I want the patches in my collection to be museum pieces. While you can argue that your listing is not in error, the lack of quality information speaks GREAT volume about TSPA and its lack of concern for the items you are selling. TSPA does not alway sell quality patches and frankly does not seem to care if they do. I am quite sure TSPA would be most unhappy to receive a check with the words VOID on it without me informing them first. I do suppose you could see the irony in that.

How to Fix the problem: Spend 30 more seconds on a listing to describe the back of the patch if it has been tempered with. You don't even have to include a picture.

Final Thoughts: Has TSPA has become to big for themselves? You don't hear more complaints from TSPA auctions because they seem to ban their customer base if they have legitimate issues with them. I have received some quality patches from TSPA to include a Pristine MINT Black Eagle F-2 and it took me years to find a Mint one to my satisfaction. The $5.00 patches are just as important too.

EBAY AUCTION 339 Amo'Chk Woven Flap

Streamwood simply caught me on a bad day. I never really had an issue with them before and I honestly love what they do...Please..Please I beg of not get lazy and turn into TSPA. If you got time to make funny merit badges and to organize a TOR or two you can afford a few extra seconds to describe the condition of your patches. A picture of the front alone isn't enough.

I do prefer mint patches for my woven collection...I am currently putting less than mint flaps simply to fill the holes. It is disappointing to receive a patch in less than mint condition when your not expecting it. Its like a kid opening up a Christmas present and a piece of the toy is missing and it doesn't work. This does not work.

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