Monday, December 17, 2007

Remebering and Revealing Black Eagle Patch History....#1

Black Eagle Flap (Elder Brother) S-31 [20 Made]

John Paul Meier

For those that are even aware of this flap...This patch was JP's idea. It was meant as gift for various "older members" who were regular and long time supporters of the lodge. These were people who came to almost every event, always helped out at the events, and usually did more than fair share of the work. The patch came out around a time when the lodge lost a lot of veteran leadership and thus a very nice gift for those leaving. These were core members who were always there. I am sure folks stood up to the challenge; however, I would like to think that its not quite the same. As far as I know, all of these patches have been awarded and only myself, my father, and Dan Walker received one these flaps who already PCS'd back to the US.

It was a flap mainly for adults. I am not sure if any youth received one. I guessing a one or two did. Usually, I would be against such a patch but there is nothing wrong with an exemption every once and a while. After all, the patch was approved by the LEC. Keep in mind most youth are not members of the lodge very long as they tend to PCS and move with their parents or go off to college back in the US when turning 18. Its very difficult to become a vigil member in Black Eagle Lodge as a youth because of that and very hard to make a lasting impact as life tends to go on.

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