Saturday, December 8, 2007

Bluebook Responsibility & Issue Classifications

Many traders do send editors scans and information about patches. I honestly can not picture what it must be like to have a whole region. I find one lodge a challenge as it is. The problem I have with the system is I can not simply rewrite the classifications and delete all the odd listing. It is important to preserve the old classifications for reasons beyond my understandings. Eventually, the listings of the issues will start to blur and become a mess. What do you do when prototypes and fakes start showing up on older non flap issues like activity and chapter issues that you never dreamed of seeing?

Fake of eX1965

This real version of this activity patch has never been sold publicly to my knowledge on the net... The real version hasn't tasted Ebay as far as I know. I have heard or seen of about 5 or 6 of these patches. What do I call it though? What happens to the eX1965 issue? Is it now the eX1965-1 and eZX1965-2? Your guess is as good as mine. :) Heck, if you goto Ebay and search the whole site typing "Black Eagle 50th" you can buy one too for $19.99. As of Dec. 04, 2007 there are two available by the seller for purchase as buy-it-nows. Ken shared this with me a couple months ago so now I share it with you. Don't say I never gave ya nothing for free.

Like J-6 with Black Border

I was still overseas in the lodge when the J-6 was issued. All of them had a white border. This one is just like the J-6 but with a Black Border. It appeared on Ebay and well...I forgot to bid on it :(. Anyhow, I do not know if it is a proto-type, a re-order, a fake....or what. I can not call it something without having any information. If anyone in Black Eagle ever bothers to answer my emails that involve talking about patches maybe this mystery can be easily solved. I will sit on it until the next due date for blue book issues if I have too and give it the benefit of the doubt I suppose.

Like eX1991 from the Amangi Wachtschu Chapter

This is obviously a sample to eX1991 to the Amangi Wachtschu Chapter. It appeared on Ebay a year or two ago. I did not win this patch but there was a sample for the eR1990 chapter fellowship as well and I did win that one. Again, what do I call it? The eYX1991-2 making the original the eX1991-1?

Its a personal choice whether or not to include these patches in the bluebook. I am not even sure if a half dozen people are even aware of these posted patches and what is scary... There are more patches I have not yet posted about. The same seller that made a fake of the eX1965 also made a fake of a Black Eagle Chapter patch that I did not even bother to buy. I couldn't justify buying a fake of a chapter patch when the fake costs more than the real patch..*blink blink*. I have another scan of back patch prototype I haven't included yet.

Outside of two other major Black Eagle collectors Ken K. and Dan C. I receive little or no information about patches. With all the people buying Black Eagle patches off Ebay (and other auction sites) referencing our hard work and my website you would think these sellers would take the time and write me back and provide with some simple doesn't cost anything to send an email.

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