Thursday, December 27, 2007

Black Eagle Lodge 2006 NOAC Flap.

Black Eagle Flap S-33 2006 NOAC

Ebay Auction

The first sighting of this flap, for those of us that did not goto NOAC that year, was shortly after NOAC ended. It appeared on Ebay and went for around $50.00 if I remember correctly. I simply forgot to follow the auction and did not think it was a big deal. I will bid on the next one....

The next 482 2006 flap just appeared on Ebay.

EBAY AUCTION Black Eagle Lodge 2006 NOAC FLAP

I would of never guessed that it would be about a year and half later. Considering the amount of time that has passed...your guess is as a good as mine on how much this flap will go for. I will keep my fingers crossed but I am not holding my breath. The only thing I know about the flap other than its designer is a rumor. Someone that attended NOAC that year emailed me about the flap. He said that the 482 Lodge Member that traded him the flap informed him that only 100 flaps were made.

This is not a high run issue unfortunately. Break out the wallet for this one. While this isn't a threat. I can promise you one thing... I will make you pay for it. :)

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