Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Been A While...Happy Trades :)

Black Eagle

I haven't posted in a while. Nothing like stating what is very apparent. Part of it has to do with not a whole lot going on patch wise but I could of found plenty of stuff to post about in all honesty. Some of it was being lazy or simply bored of the blog for a while. So what has changed?

A few days ago I was contacted by Dean Smith who traded me a whole chapter worth of Black Eagle Lodge Patches. Offers like this do not come very often and I am very pleased to finally see some Black Eagle Lodge action again. Dean has finished all of my High Plain Chapter Patch Needs.

(Click on Picture for Larger Scan if Available)


(Dean was actually apart of this Dance Team)

This is just one of four patches on their way to me. The rest can be seen on my website at blackeagletrader.com

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