Monday, December 31, 2007

Rare Order of the Arrow Indeed! ~ 482 Lodge Chief Flap~ on Ebay

Black Eagle Flap S-30 Lodge Chief Flap

Ebay Auction

This is the Lodge Chief's Flap (Pictured Above). Probably better known as the "Former Lodge Chief Flap." This flap is not to be confused with the S-16. The S-16 (Picture Below) is a flap awarded by the lodge chief for outstanding service to the lodge during a fellowship. The lodge chief flap was supposed to get only "10" per term but an order mishap occurred on the reorder and instead of 100 the lodge ended up with 1000. When I left the lodge...the Lodge Chief was awarding 10 flaps per event so the rarity of this flap is all but destroyed but that should not lessen the meaning to those that earn it.

Black Eagle Flap S-16 Lodge Chief Flap

Anyway, the Silver Mylar flap above is a rare flap. There will not be many chances to get one of these flaps. The only people within the lodge that can get one of these flaps (and only 1) are Lodge Chiefs. When this flap was made a lot research went into tracking down former Lodge Chiefs. Mike Lardie, Pat Hanlon, J.P. Meier, and my father, who went to extreme efforts, to find former lodge chiefs. I assisted as well but my efforts were likely not as equal to some of their research. Tracking down former chiefs was not easy. Records of where people are 10, 20 and 50 years down the road simply do not exist in any lodge archive.

Anyhow, I do not know how many have been awarded of the 100 flaps. Probably somewhere around 40-50 of them.

Rare Black Eagle Lodge #482 Flap on Ebay (Click Below).

EBAY AUCTION Black Eagle Lodge S-30 Lodge Chief Flap

What bothers me about this auction is the person selling it does not know what the flap is and mistakenly labels the patch as an anniversary patch. The fact that he has patches from Europe implies that he may have been a former chief and simply decided to part with it because it holds little meaning to him. Patches do not mean a lot to some folks.

Regardless, it is a rare chance for collectors to get what will become one of the hardest flaps to acquire from Black Eagle Lodge. The auction is poorly labeled and will be interesting to see if collectors notice it. It already has five different bidders on it... ;)

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