Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Overseas Collecting on the Rise?

Transatlantic CSP

The trend of anything overseas seems to be growing in demand. This seems at least true about Ebay. Many new and old collectors jumping into the collecting bandwagon. I often wonder if they know what they are even bidding on at times. Basically, if its a patch not on Ebay every week someone bids on it and takes it home.

1967 Intercamp Patch

Intercamp patches have been receiving an increase interest on Ebay when they appear. For years they were mostly ignored and did not attract much attention. If your wondering, Intercamp is an international camping event where multiple European countries get together once a year for a friendly scouting adventure filled with events and games for all. You get to meet people from all over Europe and share scouting values with each other. Even a fair amount of patch trading goes on. If you like international scouting items this would be the best camp to attend outside of a world jamboree. They even have a nice patch museum on site. The 1967 Intercamp patch above was bought a few years ago on Ebay on buy-it-now option for $20.00. I often wonder what it would have cost me if it was an auction instead.

Camp Columbus Rota, Spain

There is a noticeable increase for Council Camp items from Transatlantic Council. Camp Mohawk items have always been slightly popular but now even camp items that seemed mostly ignored have increased in demand. Its just a trend I am pointing out. I do not think this is a bad thing at all. Increased demand for these items will hopefully increase awareness of these scout items.

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