Friday, April 27, 2007

Black Eagle Lodge 2007 World Jambo Flap

I have been recently informed by a Dan Coberly, that Black Eagle Lodge has been creating several new lodge patches. Coberly is a long time supporting member of the lodge and has donated his personal time and money to help produce patches for the lodge. All patches ordered by him are first approved by the lodge.

What is so interesting about these patches from Black Eagle and Transatlantic is that they are being made out of "Linen Material!" Not too long ago, Black Eagle produced cork flaps which turned out to be a quite a desirable piece inside and outside the lodge. Linen flaps will have a tough time living up to the reputation of the cork flaps.

Dan Coberly reports,

"The sets include what should be the first Linen Flaps/CSPs, and include for the first time a BEL lodge WJ contingent CSP (about 50 sets of each two items). The WJ contingent set has gold trim/border. There is also a TAC linen CSP and matching flap with purple yarn trim (about 300). Another set of flaps have green yarn trim with black or red FDL which will be released later as a fundraiser, only 30 of each. Will have to check my notes regarding other numbers.

1st prototypes said LONDON which was changed to ENGLAND on 2nd prototypes and finals. Normally, anywhere from 4-10 protoypes are made of various prototypes for lodge approval.

Other items are in the works but on hold."

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WorldJambo said...

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Hope to see you in Sweden in 2011!