Friday, May 25, 2007

What Made "U" Collect A Specific Lodge?

Patch collecting changes or evolves as interests in the field change from person to person. Ever sit back and thank how it all begin...or even how it will all end? Did you expand your collecting interests? Did you narrow your collecting interests?...perhaps a combo of both?

What made you collect a specific lodge or council? A common answer might be because you yourself were once a member in said lodge/council or now perhaps have a son in a certain council/lodge.

As collection expands so do the reasons whether they are odd or obvious. I collect Black Eagle Lodge #482 because it was the lodge I was inducted by. I collect Lodge #406 Chickasah because it was the lodge my father was inducted into. Since it merged back in 90's, I also collect the successor...Lodge #558 Ahoalan-Nachpikin. After a while, needs of the above lodges slowed down and added Lodge #52 Moswetuset to my collection interests because I liked the odd-shaped Lobster patches.

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Since the addition of Lodge #52 Moswetuset, I have added only one new lodge to my collecting interests. It is the first new lodge added to my collection since moving back to the states, at the end of 04, and it all started by chance.

I attended my first lodge function since moving from Germany with Ahoalan-Nachpikin #558 at an annual LOAC function. There I met several folks I have talked with by E-Mail for years and it was good to put faces to all the folks I have never met before. There I met Chuck Schadrack and we got talking about patches. Turns out he collects a lot of Chickasaw Council and District patches from the area and my grandfather just so happened to give a large sack full of Chickasaw patches. I told Chuck about these patches and he was excited to hear my tale. I did not bring the sack to that function because I had no idea that anyone was so interested in those kind of patches. I told him I would bring them to the next event of Lodge 558 that I could attend, and I did, but before that he told me to look through his dupes and pick up any patches that caught my interest...

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I was digging through Chuck's dupes and discovered a bunch of old Ittawamba Lodge #235 flaps. They had that old thick swiss look to them that many collectors like...*wink*. I picked up 7 or 8 of these flaps and was immediately tickled with excitement when he basically said he was glad to help. Chuck gave them to me in the hopes of getting first dibs on my Grandfather's old stuff. He got his wish and was pretty stoked like a pirate digging through a treasure chest full of booty. He had to wait almost a whole year for his side of the trade and that is something I believe most other collectors would not have done in his place.

I was shocked at the difficulty and even value held by some of these old 235 patches when I first started to research lodge #235 which has now become my latest addition to my collecting field. Lodge #235 issues more patches than I can keep up with and is proving to be quite a challenging lodge to collect and it is all thanks to a few dupes laying in Chuck's bag.


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