Saturday, May 5, 2007

Are You A Flapper?

I was reading some articles from "The Totem" which is the newsletter for Black Eagle Lodge. It is only available now online. It was once taken to a press to be printed and mailed out through a list but those days are sadly gone.

I do not know who wrote this article or where it came from but I always loved it. I will post a couple of paragraphs to shorten the read.

What's A Flapper?

A "Flapper" is someone who has been Tapped Out. Gone through the Ordeal, and then forgotten about his Obligation. Maybe he has attended an OA function or two, but most probably he's never has any other dealings with the OA. Oh, you can be sure that he'll wear his Ordeal sash to all troop Courts of Honor and take it to the summer camp, but he's one of those guys who is "too busy" to join his so called Brothers when off to attend the Rededication Ceremony.

Sure, he always wears his OA pocket flap - that's how he gets his name. He wears the flap and he flaps his lips about the membership in the OA, but his words are hollow. His words are hollow because actions speak louder than words and his words are heard only by the few, while his actions are seen by all. A "Flapper" has "done his time" so when it comes to gathering firewood, cooking, cleaning up, helping young Scouts learn Scoutcraft, and providing leadership by example, you'd better look for someone else. He'll strut around like a peacock with his lodge flap and his OA sash, but he'd never stop to help his fellow Scouts and get his hands dirty.

Have you remembered your Obligation? Or are you a "Flapper"?

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