Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Almost...But Never Was (Part 2)

Al Opstal, former lodge adviser, used to assist and take part in patch design/creation of fellowship patches for Black Eagle Lodge 482. If and when scouts did not come up with a theme or design, Al would seek the guidance of Tom Slavicek. Tom has created several fellowship patches for Black Eagle Lodge. Eventually, Al PCS'd back to the United States and the Fall Fellowship patch design for 2001 went with him. It was one of many patches Tom designed at the request of Al.

(Click on Picture for Larger Scan if Available)

The patch that took its place was rather unpleasant. The multi-purpose patch was used for over 3 different lodge functions. It was designed by Peter Amrphol. The lodge apparently used it as a quick fix and to keep costs down on patches.

(Click on Picture for Larger Scan if Available)

Sadly, after Al's departure Black Eagle really has abandoned keeping a steady theme to fellowship patches. The designs have been from mild to wild with no basis of coherent logic. In 2005, the fellowship showed signs of returning to traditional standards but it did not last. While this change is not necessarily a bad thing...it is different from that of which I remembered.

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