Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ethical Patch Distribution

An interesting discussions on Patch-L about ethical patch distribution.

Personally, I do not feel that someone buying a patch or item that they did not earn lessons anyone's accomplishment. That is just crazy in my opinion. Everyone has an opinion on the subject. I have been collecting patches at least 15 years now. I can't believe its been that long btw.

I love trading patches. When I was in Black Eagle.... a flap cost $3.00. I would trade mine for yours straight up. It is not rocket science. If a patch cost $10.00 I might trade for something a little more exciting. What did that mean...in the words of my younger self..."Does it look cool!" I was NOT asking you if there was only 25 made and was it restricted and etc. I always thought the more the merrier. The more folks that are out there trading the more fun it is. I also couldn't stand folks that horde patches. Hoping for some future gain like it was stock. The other thing that really upset me was greedy traders. You would post a message to trade 1:1 and you get emails inquiring...can I have five of this and that. Since when are youth loaded with that kind of time and cash to waste on patches.

Yes, I am trader but there is rarely a time when I had more than 5 of any issue...why?...because I could not stop trading... All I did at the 1997 Jambo beyond the required troop activities was patch trade. That is all I wanted to do...and it was the most memorable and amazing experience of my scouting career and I have been buried waste deep in snow in front of frozen waterfalls at a Klondike in Switzerland. Patch Trading is just that awesome but is becoming an elitist game. Your only as valuable to the collecting community as your most recent issue. Sad...is it not.

I collect only a few lodges but it seems like every time a new issues appears you have to bid in triple digits on Ebay to stand any chance of winning. That is not my idea of fun. Whatever happened to mine for yours. Its like no one trades unless it is their favor. What happened to being kind and making new friends. Its all about...what you can do for me now attitude. Lets not think about tomorrow when that person might be able to help you again in return.

...and don't get me started on the new Blue Book. Changing the way patches are cataloged easily benefits one group without thinking...dealers and sellers and lets not think too hard about who is now in control of said book....just food for thought folks. It is almost a conflict of interest IMO.

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