Friday, August 14, 2009

Black Eagle Lodge NOAC 2009 Patches

Black Eagle Flap S-38 2009 NOAC Trader

I have been told by a member of the lodge that they sold this flap before NOAC as a fundraiser. It was traded to many at NOAC which should of been an indication of a high run issue. Some on Ebay claim there were only 100 made but I have feeling by the frequency of its appearance that at least 200 were produced. If only 100 were produced and it was sold Pre-NOAC as a fundraiser there wouldn't have been a whole lot left to trade to back up the number that appeared on Ebay (4 as of 8/14/09). Only 2 flaps from 2006 NOAC appeared on ebay in comparisson at the end of NOAC. Another reason why I favor more than 100 flaps for this NOAC Trader is because there is a delegate flap this year.

There was also a delegate flap. I am told it looks the same as the trader except the red lettering is ghosted. Rumor has it the flap was limited to 2 per delegate. It is quite possible few left the hands of the delegates. I can't be sure of course but I am going to guess at least 25 made but no more than 50.

What really has shocked me is the lack of other Black Eagle issues surfacing. If I was going to NOAC I would of done more than just trade my former members on current NOAC issues. Of course, the lack of their appearance is quite possibly a sign that Black Eagle does not have any real patch traders left in it...meaning that no one really brought anything else with them.

Another possible reason for the lack of other issues surfacing is Black Eagle seems to have a new trend of not only low-run restrictive issues but also seems to be limiting their distribution to those that attended said events. Which has me wondering....what happens to the leftovers.

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