Sunday, April 29, 2007

Treasures At Coberly's (391 Chiriqui Part I)

I visited an old friend and honored scouter Dan Coberly today at his home here in Alabama. His scouting collection is full of wonders I have never seen. If you have watched the Disney movie Aladdin and recall the cave full of treasures that is how I felt walking into his home. He has countless literature & scout books. There were Baden Powell items that would bring a warm spot to the most devoted BP collectors. He had uniforms of many ages to include a complete air scout set and patches (or close to it), various knots, medals, buttons, and figures, and many more overseas OA lodge memorabilia that would cause any collector of such goods to raise an eyebrow.

I was drowned in so many goodies that it felt like Christmas. He gave me a few Chiriqui 391 items and I felt like sharing what he told me about them.

(Click on Picture for Larger Scan if Available)


The Bullion Flaps were made after the lodge was merged. If I recall, Dan said he was approached by an old Lodge Adviser or member from 391 Chiriqui about making a set of bullion flaps in memory of this old deceased lodge. If I remember correctly Dan said he made a set of bullion flaps that are similar to these. He said his set had a lake on it so there could very well be 4 different bullions bearing the 391 lodge name on it...that or he simply got me confused. So, a couple of bullion flaps for the serious 391 collectors to hunt for.


Dan did not elaborate much about this patch. He told me that he did not have very many left and that his father not only created this patch but taught the course. It is an interesting round that has "jungle expert" on it. Again, probably piece for the serious 391 collectors out there.

Be on the lookout for Treasures At Coberly's (Part II ) Coming Soon...

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